ICCS 2022

Call For Papers

All submissions must describe original research, not published or currently under review for another workshop, conference, or journal. All accepted papers will be published by conference proceedings. We invite submissions of high-quality papers describing fully developed results or ongoing work on the following topics and related areas, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Analog and RF Circuits Design

  • Analog Circuits & Sensor Interfaces
  • ADCs & DACs
  • PLL & Clock Generators
  • High Speed Wireline Interface
  • Chaos and Applications
  • Log-domain Circuits
  • Dynamic Nonlinear Circuits
  • Advanced RF Building Blocks
  • RF/MM Receivers & Transmitters

Track 2: VLSI Design & Electronic Design Automatic

  • System Level Modeling & Verification
  • High Level Synthesis
  • Formal Verification
  • Simulation & Waveform Compression
  • Hardware/Software Co-Design
  • Application Driven Accelerators Design
  • FPGA based Design
  • Emerging Domain-Specific Digital Circuits and Systems

Track 3: Circuits and Systems for Signal Processing

  • Circuits and Systems for Image Processing
  • Circuits and Systems for Audio & Video Compression/ Enhancement
  • Circuits and Systems for Audio & Video Analysis /Recognition/ Reconstruction
  • Biomedical Image Processing System
  • Body and Brain Interfaces
  • Circuits and Systems for Instruments
  • Circuits and Systems for Machine Learning

Track 4: Circuits and Systems for Communication

  • Circuits and Systems for Equalization, Synchronization & Channel Estimation
  • Circuits and Systems for Signal Detection
  • Circuits and Systems for Coding and Modulation
  • Circuits and Systems for Communication Analysis and Reconstruction
  • Circuits and Systems for Wireless/Wireline Networking

Track 5: Design for Test & Reliability

  • SoC Test Methodology
  • Memory Test
  • Analog & Mixed Signal Circuits Test
  • Fault Tolerant Design
  • Aging Modeling & Mitigation
  • Data Acquisition & Confusion

Track 6: Power Electronic Circuits

  • Distributed Circuits and Systems
  • Power Line Analyzing & Modeling
  • Energy Storage Circuits
  • Energy Sources & Power Converter
  • Circuits and Systems for Smart Grid